We do Haunt videos,
voice overs, radio
commercials, green
screen photography,
Queue line videos, flyers,
tickets and poster
designs. We can do it all
for your haunted house
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DVD projection effects and
Halloween products!
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Kindred Moon Productions is the very best at the haunted house projection media effects
and DVD's. Please contact us for any Halloween projection videos, haunt, haunted house,
home haunt, and yard haunt media needs. We are # 1 in scary effects with 3d projection fx,
frighting, thrilling, haunted experiences and Halloween digital decorations! From Ghosts,
Ghouls, Specters, Spooky, Monsters, Zombies, Killers,  Jack O Lantern. Pumpkins, Blood
Dripping, Scary insects, Witches, to the criminal insane we have ALL the Halloween Trick or
treat effects for you! We also work with people who produce Halloween masks and Halloween
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