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We are a group of  Paranormal investigators  
dedicated to researching the paranormal.

There is no fee's for our investigation services
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Paranormal activity to a regular citizen, they would think you were mentally unstable or part of a
cult.  During the course of history many have been persecuted for their religious beliefs and the
fear of the unexplained has kept people’s mouths closed.  Now that the world has opened up to
freedom of religion and beliefs the populace has the ability to speak out about paranormal
experiences they have had without the fear of being shunned by society.

A group Put together by Michael McDonald to set out on a quest for answers about the afterlife.  
Michael having Over 25 Years of experience combined with his knowledge of the paranormal
propel this group of professionals in the field to be he best they can be.  Working free of charge
they set to rest the minds of families and business owners who experience unexplained
occurrences.  Kindred Moon Paranormal Society still continues the campaign to put ghosts into
perspective and to empower people with paranormal wisdom.

Wielding state-of-the-art equipment and having vast knowledge of the supernatural, K.M.P.S. Goes
through their investigations logically and scientifically.  From the beginning of the investigation
they gather evidence trying to find logical explanations to the claims of paranormal activity.
K.M.P.S. Also has their own TV show which can be seen on amazon instant video if you want to
follow their journeys of their paranormal experiences.

Kindred Moon Paranormal Society was founded with the soul purpose to help the public find the
answers they so desperately seek and urge's anyone interested in the truth to contact them.
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