Kindred Moon Projection Effects
DVD Faq Page
What is a projection effects DVD?

A projections effects DVD is a scene, special effect or graphics you can project (using a projector) onto a
wall, window,  celling, or just about anywhere. These are used in haunted house or yard haunts by them
selfs as distractions or for entertainment purposes and can also be used with triggers, water sprayers and
air cannons to create a environment to scare or entertain haunted house costumers. These effects can
also be played on TV's and LCD Monitors as well. Some can be even used for queue line entertainment.

How can I use your video effects or projection effects in my haunt?

All you have to do to display an effect is connect a DVD player up to a projector, TV or monitor and use
your remote to select an effect from the DVD menu. After that, you can use your own imagination to
decide where and how to use our effects.

How far away from a surface does my projector need to be?

With so many different projectors on the market  there’s not a standard distance that works for all
situations. If you’re trying to create a one of a kind haunt then you should consider factors like the size of
the area you’re hoping to cover with the effect, the brightness of your projector and the mounting options
you have for your space. You should make sure that your projector can cast a bright enough image and
that you’re able to mount it in a location where your projector can be hidden. We strongly suggest that you
to play around and find what works best for you.

Is there a specific angle the effects need to be projected at?

Most video effects are best used when projected straight onto a flat surface, although we understand that
there are situations where this is not possible.  Most projectors allow you to change the angles and keying
of the image. We recommend that you experiment with different angles to find a solution that works for you.

Are there specific areas or environments that work better for each effect?

Choosing an environment depends on how you plan to use your chosen effect. For example, if you’d like
to use a projector, you’ll get the best results in a lower lighted area. But if you’re using a TV or a monitor
you will be able to place them nearly anywhere. By using your creativity, you’ll be able to be customize how
to produce the most effective scare.

How do I choose which effect I want to play?

Once you have put an Kindred Moon Effects DVD in your DVD player, you can use your DVD player
remote to choose which effect and play options you want. Each DVD has an easy-to-use menu system
that allows you to quickly and easily choose the video effect you want.

What surfaces works best to project onto?

If your wanting to produce a life-like effect, flat, light-colored surfaces are the best places to project onto,
but don’t feel limited to just your walls, floors or ceilings. You can also project the effect onto curtains,
through windows, against heavy fog or onto whatever else your imagination can come up with.

What type of projector do I need to project your effects?

There are tons of choices of video projectors on the market, and we don’t recommend any specific brand.
The most important thing to look for in a projector is its brightness. We recommend finding a projector that’
is rated at 2000 lumens or more.

Do you have any specific recommendations on what brand projector I should buy?

We don't recommend brands but we do recommend that you figure out your budget and then shop around
for equipment in that price range that has is 2000 lumens or more.

If I don’t have a projector, can I still use your effects?

Yes! All of our effects can be displayed on a television or monitor.

What is the runtimes for each effect?

Each effect has a different run time and there is no standard play length. All effects automatically loop, so
you don’t need to reset your video effect after each play through.

Why is there a slight delay when the video loops?

You may encounter a slight delay when the video effect loops. Each DVD player is different and the delay
is caused by the time it takes for the optical laser to physically reset to the beginning of the video effect.
Some DVD players have faster optical lasers which lead to a shorter or non-existent delay.

Do I need a certain type or brand of DVD player?

Our DVD video effects work with most DVD players currently available.

Do these video effects have sounds or music included on the disk?

Most video effects is accompanied their own thematic sound effects.

Can I download the effects to play digitally through my computer?

We do not offer digital downloads of our effects  at this time, but we may offer this in the future. To stay up-
to-date on Kindred Moon Effects  , like us on Facebook.

Can I display a single effect through multiple projectors?

Yes you can If you have a video splitter cable or video switch, you can play the same video effect through
two displays. Please consult the manual you received with your splitter cable or video switch to learn how
to do this.

Can I create a setup where the effect is triggered by a switch or action?

There are many ways to create a trigger for the effects, and most advanced haunters choose to do this. If
you’re interested in this type of display, we recommend searching haunt and home haunter forums to find
a solution. Depending on your budget, you can also contact companies in the events and attractions
industry that provide professional solutions.

How do you create your effects for the DVD'S?

Our video effects are a mix of live acting with green screen, CG effects, 3D and digital production work.

I pre-ordered one of your products. When will I receive it?

When a new product is released, pre-order customers will be the first people to get their copy (or copies).
If you pre-ordered an upcoming product, your order will be fulfilled by the date posted on the product
page. If you pre-order a decoration and order another product at the same time, you will receive your full
order in one package as soon as the pre-ordered product is available to ship. If you do not want to wait for
your full order to ship, add an additional $7.00 for shipping and we will send out your other purchased
items immediately.

How can I learn more about Kindred Moon Effects  products?

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date on Kindred Moon Effects  products and news, like us on
Facebook and we’ll update you with the latest product announcements, news and information.

Will these video effects work for my professional haunted house?

Yes! A lot of our customers are professional haunters who use our video effects in their attractions
because of their customizability and ease of use.

How can i carry Kindred Moon Effects  products in my store.

If you are interested in finding out how to sell Kindred Moon Effects  products in your online or retail store,
please contact us at